Another Pottery Barn Knockoff…

Yeah, I have a problem hobby.  I just can’t help myself. I keep stumbling across these great thrifty finds.  I know someone out there gets me.  I see lots of folks out in Bloggyland who are just like me.  Folks who, when their spouse asks them to run to the store for chicken, they end up at a thrift store. Yup. You know who you are.  So I tell myself, I’m just gonna pop in for a minute. Just to make sure there’s nothin’ in there I’m gonna miss if I don’t go in.  After all, the color change begins on Sunday. For those of you who have no idea what this means, Goodwill tags their items with a color (red, blue, green, yellow, and orange).  Each week beginning on Sunday, a certain color is half price. All week.  (I know Goodwill will one day recognize me for all the free advertising I provide for them, and start paying me to sponsor my blog.) Maybe I’ll rename my blog

Oh, back to my thrifty find.  So, Pottery Barn has these for sale for $149. 

Clearly someone out there is actually paying their asking prices. Just not me.  So, I stumbled upon these beauties:

Cool, huh?  But I hate orange.  And, it doesn’t go with anything in my house.

So, after a couple of coats of Rustoleum’s Glossy Black Metallic paint, here’s the finished product:

Boy, am I glad I stopped by.  What would I do without my giant spoon and fork?  Oh, and they were only $3 !

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  1. Hollye

    I found a wooden set at Goodwill about a year ago. Still sitting in my garage. I have plans for them…just like all the other stuff I keep buying! I just never seem to have time! Very cute!

  2. Amy Taylor

    Thanks guys! I couldn't believe when I saw them. It's like they were callin' my name, LOL!

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