Crayon roll-up project…

Since I’ve decided to pass down my old sewing machine to my daughter, I’ve been searching for a beginning sewing project for her.  This simple crayon roll turned out to be perfect.  It was easy for her, and only took about an hour to complete.  These are great for taking to restaurants and keeping busy little ones occupied.  They also make great gifts.  We made this one for my nephew for his birthday.  He is a Thomas the Train and Mickey Mouse fan, so the fabrics we found at Hobby Lobby were perfect.

For this project, you will need the following supplies:
  • self-healing cutting mat
  • clear quilter’s ruler
  • rotary cutter
  • button
  • some cute fabric
  • a piece of flannel
  • coordinating ponytail holder
  • coordinating thread
  • point-turner
  • air-erasable marker
  • sewing pins
  • pack of 16 crayons

First cut your fabric as follows:
(2) 16 1/2 in x 5 in
(1) 16 1/2 in x 6 in
flannel 16 1/2 x 5 in
Next, fold your 6-inch piece of fabric lengthwise and iron flat.  Then layer as shown, flannel on the bottom, then 5-in fabric, then folded 6-in fabric.  Pin in place.

Starting at the center point of your fabric (8 1/4 in), mark a line every one inch with the marker.

Find a sweet girl who loves to sew to stitch down each line. 
If the girl gets tired of sewing, find a sweet boy to finish the job!  Boys like to sew too!
Lay the ponytail holder down so the seam, or metal part is at the edge of the fabric and stitch down really well numerous times.  This is important, as you don’t want the elastic to snap when little hands are using it.
Lay your other piece of (5-in) fabric down on top of the other completed piece, wrong side down.  Pin around sides.
Stitch all the way around your entire piece, leaving about a 2-3 inch opening at the end opposite the end with the elastic.  Make sure not to stitch too close to the end and not pick up some of your layers.
Turn your piece right-side out and iron flat.  Your air-erasable lines will disappear if you spritz a little water on before ironing.  Sometimes, if you iron without using water, your lines become permanent!
Now sew the opening closed as close to the edge as possible.
Now tuck all your crayons in and roll up.  Figure out where you need to place your button, and stitch it on by hand.
Your cute little crayon roll is complete!
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