Glass Apothecary Jars

Have you seen these gorgeous glass apothecary jars?  They seem to be popping up everywhere lately!
Here is Pottery Barn’s version. They, of course, run between $19 for the small one, up to $44 for the larger size.  Thrifty girl that I am,  I have been on the hunt for some in my Goodwill travels, and the other day I found one! 
Let’s just say it needed a little “sprucing up.” Forgive me if you live near me and happened to drop off your little handpainted Christmas jar at the Goodwill.  I’m sure it was real cute in it’s day! 
Did you know you can clean glass with steel wool, and it won’t scratch?  (My husband swears he already knew this, but I have my doubts.)  Anyway, I got my little Brillo pad out and went to town.  Scrubbing and scrubbing I went.  Not only did the paint come right off, but it came out sparkling clean, good as new!  Now what was I going to do with this jar?  I know you are just dying to know.
Enter an old favorite that I hadn’t used in a while…
I had forgotten how fun this stuff was to use!  I got out some painter’s tape and sprayed a few coats…
And now have a cute little jar to hold treats all our little doggie treats!  And I only paid $4 for the same size jar Pottery Barn sells for $44.  And if I ever get tired of it, I could always remove the chalkboard paint and etch a monogram on it with the Cricut.  Now if I can only find two or three more of these in different sizes…
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  1. Kirby3131

    I read a blog post that linked to another blog that linked to… that linked to… and somehow I found you. I love how that happens 🙂

    The steel wool tip was worth the entire trip to meet you!! and I have to get a spray can of chalkboard paint. All I have are some small cans of paint and they aren't as convenient to use.

    Kristin – The Goat

  2. Laurie

    Love this! I am totally copying it!

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