I’m dreaming of a white kitchen

Now that the holidays are over, I’m on a mad quest to reorganize our home and knock out some projects we’ve been wanting to do for some time. Near the top of the list are my kitchen countertops. For years, I’ve dreamed of some gorgeous dark rich granite instead of my boring, gray, cheap-looking laminate.  I’ve pored over design books and blogs, and swooned over the kitchen of every friend I have who is lucky enough to have granite in their home.  And now, finally, after lots and lots of swooning, it’s my time. I’ve been given permission from the hubs to go ahead with the dream plan.  So, what’s the problem you ask? 
Let’s begin with a photo of sort of what I’ve had in mind for years:
It’s gorgeous. The french country-ness of it all is just dreamy.  The charming pot rack, chunky range hood, amazing range, undercabinet lighting, and of course, all that luscious granite.  My cabinets are lighter than this, but I could still achieve a darn good knockoff with a few changes here and there.
So, here’s the problem:
And this:
This too:

And, of course, this:
I am in love with white kitchens.  And marble countertops.  And glass front cabinetry with fancy trim. And stunning sparkly pendant lights. And lots of other stuff that involves more than just switching out a countertop. 

Did I mention apron sinks? Sigh.

How about islands with contrasting cabinets?
Not to mention backsplashes of glossy subway tile.
I think the hubs is in big trouble.

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  1. Anonymous

    i just found your blog….i love all the kitchens you've posted…but the first one is beautiful! your new pantry is greaat!! also aa a fellow couponer, i know u love the extra room! we are neighbors too – i'm in goochland! i'll have to bookmark your blog and keep up w/the kitchen progress!


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