Knock-Off Target Chalk Label Basket

So while browsing Target one day, I saw this:

Cute, huh? But not really worth the $39 price tag.  Plus, it’s not really that big.  I had been looking for something big to put all the throw blankets in that are always all over the floor of our family room.  Then I remembered I had a big basket in my craft room.  Originally it had been downstairs in a corner.  It’s job had been housing stray toys when the kids were little.  Lately, I’ve been using it to throw scraps in so my room didn’t look like a paper/fabric explosion all the time.  It was the perfect size!  So, I took a little of my chalkboard vinyl, some cardboard, a strand of twine, and in about 5 minutes had this:

And, it was free! Yippee!

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  1. Nike

    Love, love FREE and using what you have on hand. Great idea!

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