Man Cave Sneak Peek…

A while back, I shared our man cave project with you.  One of the projects we decided to tackle this year is the completion of our third floor/attic space.  We decided to make this room a game room, or “man cave” if you will.  It’s finally almost complete.  I spent the last week painting and trying to get most of it complete while my husband was skiing in Utah.  I accomplished almost all of what I wanted to.  I won’t show the whole thing yet, because it’s really not completely done.  This is one room I can’t finish by myself.  Since it’s his room, he needs to decide where to put all of his manly possessions!
Here’s what we had before:

And a sneak peek at my project this past week:
And what my husband came home to:
He was one happy guy, I’ll tell ya!
More to come when it’s all complete!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. Courtana

    Love, love the wall stripes and the fantastic refrigerator. Cannot show my hubby these pics, it puts our man cave to shame!

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