My First Post!!!

I thought for my first-ever post, I’d show you one of the first cute things I’ve made with my Cricut so far. For this little box, I used a program called “Sure Cuts A Lot.” My Cricut Expression came with four cartridges, but after researching a lot, I discovered that by purchasing this software, I could really make a variety of things without buying numerous cartridges and spending a lot of money. You can find the software online and download it right away if you choose, or they have a trial package. However, the trial one cuts a line through all your projects, therefore ruining them! (I didn’t know this when I downloaded it!) So, of course, I was all set to make something and decided to go ahead and download the real thing instead. I am so glad I did! So, to make the box, I found a box font online. The link is She asks for a $10 donation, which is a bargain when you see all the cute little boxes, bags, and tags you can make with it! I used the Simply Sweet cartridge to make the tag. This was a get-well gift for a friend. I filled it with some homemade chocolate chip cookies made with ingredients I had on hand, and was able to make it without even going to the store!

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