Organized Pantry Redo Reveal with Chevron Wall & Knock-Off Ballard Tins

 ***Update: The vinyl wall decal and pet food bin labels shown in this post are now available in my Etsy shop here:

Earlier, I shared with you phase one of our pantry expansion project. This would have been an easy completion if we hadn’t started it in the middle of another reno we already had going on (post/pics to come). It all began with having to knock a hole in the back of the pantry to find a where a pipe led. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise due to the pipe having nails punched through it (courtesy of our builder) that may have eventually caused a leak.

So, if you remember, this is what our pantry looked like BEFORE:

Basically a closet with that lovely white coated wire shelving that typical pantry items liked to fall over or through. Not to mention, clearly not enough storage space for a coupon lovin’/stockpilin’ girl like myself!

Once we found this hidden space behind the wall, we knew what we had to do.

Luckily, I have a stepdad who is an amazing carpenter and offered to not only build out this pantry but also add wooden shelving while he was at it. I decided I could handle the mudding and sanding of the sheetrock on my own after a lesson from my mom. I cannot believe she used to do this as a job so many years ago! Let’s just say drywall and I are not friends. In fact, we hate each other. Drywall took me for all I was worth. It beat me down. It took a landslide victory in its attack against my skin, eyes, nails, and lungs. Trust me when I tell you, while I am a DIY’er at heart, I plan to leave the drywalling to the experts from now on. Nuff said.

So, here’s a look at our new space after the first of the painting was complete.  The color is camouflage by Benjamin Moore, which my son loves.

Tired of living with all the food in boxes, my husband was ready to fill the pantry right on up before the paint even had a chance to dry.
But of course, I wasn’t done. I had an idea of what I wanted to do. And I wasn’t going to be happy until I did it. Ridiculous or not, it had to be done.
Let’s get started.
First, I taped off my pattern and began painting.
For the alternate color, I used the next shade down on the paint swatch, called Old Prairie.

Yes, I do realize I’ve lost my mind. At least, I realized it about halfway up the wall. Notice I only did the pattern on one wall.  Not exactly an easy pattern to tape!  To make matters worse, my husband calls this a Charlie Brown wall. He has been whistling the Charlie Brown tune all week!
Then, while the paint was drying, I designed and cut some wall art with the Cricut.
Then, using some heirloom white paint I had lying around, I sprayed down these containers I picked up at Goodwill.
(And while I’m at it, also some candlesticks too!)
Then I scrubbed down some glassware and other containers I got there as well. (I didn’t end up using all of these.)

With me so far? Tape, paint, goodwill finds…
Add some glass canisters I got at the dollar store.
Then, I made some labels with the Cricut for all my containers.  Sorry, no pics of this.  I gotta get this project done or my family’s gonna disown me.
Now, to put it all back in place. (This was sure a lot of work!)


Without further ado,

Are you ready?

Here is the final result. No judgin’ on the drywall job. It’s a pantry. It’s good enough. K? 

 The Goodwill containers were a whopping $1.00 altogether!

The tall glass canisters I picked up for $3 a piece. The other smaller glass jars were around $1 a piece.

The wall art was free, as I already had the vinyl.

The dog food tins are a Ballard knock-off. Here is their version:

Pet Food Canisters
They wanted 50 bucks a piece for them. I think not!  I like them better with black lids.

Finally, the warehouse pendant light is from Home Depot. It was on sale for $29!

I absolutely love having everything organized
where I can find it. Now I can finally call this project complete! Thanks for sticking with me through this super long post! I’m linking up to:

Serenity Now Crafty Cutter Party

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  1. Peanut, Butter and Jan

    See this is why I love computers. Here I am stuck at home with two sick kids (yes, again), and yet I can still see your new pantry!!! It's AMAZING!!! I know you're just thrilled when you go to make meals. Congratulations on completing this! I know all the stress of having things out of place was worth it!

  2. Amanda @ Serenity Now

    Amy, what an amazing makeover!!! I love the chevron stripes, and your artwork is fab too. 🙂 Did you have to do anything to the inside of the spray painted canisters to make them food-safe, or did it not matter since the paint was on the outside? I'd love to try this!

    Thanks for linking up with me. 🙂

  3. Amy Taylor

    Hi Amanda, thanks for the comment! I should clarify that the only containers that were spray painted and house "people food" are the flour ones. I kept the flour in bags inside the containers. I figured it was more airtight this way.

  4. Nicole

    That is one classy pantry! Behold the power of the Cricut!!!

  5. David D.

    3 cheers for bulls eye BBQ sauce.

    Now you need those blue LCD lights under each shelf for accent lighting…..and spinning rims! Got to have gold spinning rims.

  6. Holly

    Okay, first of all, I can't believe there was all the wasted space behind your pantry! Second of all, awesome transformation! I think I'm a little jealous 😉
    I've always loved those pet food tins. You did a great job on them. Thanks so much for joining my party!

  7. Connie

    Fabulous pantry, so organized and very stylish at that. I love the lettering just inside the door, what a pleasant surprise to add to a pantry. Love it.

    Stopping by from the Crafty Cutter Party.

  8. Julie @ Creating This Life

    That is just a crazy awesome transformation. I came to see the dog food tins but I LOVE the whole thing. Excellent job!

  9. Jennifer

    WOW, you did a fantastic job! I live the design and letters on the wall, the light, all the jars, canisters, tins, all of it! Way to go! Stopping by from Chic on a Shoestring.
    Scissors & Spatulas

  10. Mel

    What an amazing transformation. I love the Charlie Brown pattern, the space you have created as well as the clever and decorative storage ideas. I hope you have given yourself a well deserved pat on the back.

  11. modern jane

    It's my first time visiting your blog and I love this project! Lots of work for a little room but worth it! 🙂

  12. Handy Man, Crafty Woman

    that is so, so pretty! you did such a great job. I organized our pantry, but I didn't make it pretty, and now I want to go and make it look cuter! 🙂

  13. the cape on the corner

    oh my gosh, that looks fantastic! i love your "charlie brown" wall, and those old popcorn canisters! i wish i hadn't thrown mine out, this is super smart! thanks for the idea on using them, they look just like the pb ones. amazing!

  14. Blessed Mommy of 2

    The entire make over is just amazing! Fabulous job! I am amazed at how you transformed the popcorn containers to dog food containers. I would have never thought of it! Glad I saw it :o)

  15. Lisa

    Your Charlie Brown wall is the absolute best part of this awesome space! And your vinyl also – I love it!

  16. Condo Blues

    I love the containers – especially the price. I wish my pantry was big enough to decant everything!

  17. Melanie

    It looks amazing. I am a sucker for organizing and yours is fabulous!

  18. Amanda @ Serenity Now

    Thanks for linking this up to WBR, Amy. You really did inspire me spray paint my own big canisters!!!

  19. Rebecca

    Fabulous! I have some labels waiting for containers and always forget about GoodWill. The Ballard knock offs are great! I have some old popcorn tins I could use for my dogs' food and it would look much nicer than the bag sitting in the kitchen.

  20. Leah

    Gorgeous! Makes me wish for a walk in pantry more than you can know!!! Visiting from Serenity Now.

  21. Brandi

    Oh em gee! Your pantry is fabulous! I love it! Like super amazing! love the chevron pattern on the walls. Your containers look awesome!

  22. nila1920

    wow this is wonderful inspiration! very creative in being frugal and fabulous!

  23. Mary Joy

    Oh wow! Your pantry is amazing!!!! How pretty and functional!!! I love your artwork too.

    What a great blessing to find that space behind your closet and to have family members who were skilled and ready to help! Yay!

    visiting from Amanda's party!

    Mary Joy

  24. Michelle

    I so love the jars! My hubby thinks I'm nuts for picking them up everytime I find a good deal on them, but I use each and every one.

    btw, I like them better with black lids too

  25. Anonymous

    I found you through Tatertots and Jello. This is an AMAZING transformation! My husband and I have been drywalling our kitchen remodel and I feel your pain with the whole process. Especially the sanding, but your drywall looks beautiful and LOVE everything about your new pantry! Just thought I would say Hello! :-)Audrey

  26. I love your pantry! Thanks for linking my Flaunt it Friday party. I'm featuring you, please stop by and pick up an "I was featured" button if you'd like.

  27. Amanda @ Serenity Now

    Featured your pantry today. 🙂 I hope to have an "I've Been Featured" button soon!

  28. Yvonne

    On my goodness…I love this so much! I especially love the wall art! Your idea for painting the canisters is exactly what I need to do to get my dog food storage in order.

  29. I am blown away with envy!!!! Gorgeous. Wonderful use of space, the chevron is dreamy and all of your labeling and canisters are great. WOW!!!

  30. missyg

    Visiting through Tatertots and Jell-o.
    Thank you so much for the inspiration! I love what you did with the cans and glass containers. I now have a new project. 🙂

  31. Autum

    I would be pleased as punch too! It's beautiful!! Great job on the stripes.
    I can relate to your craziness. I'm in the middle of my own pantry make-over. I wanted a quatrefoil design, like Shelly's at House of Smiths. I got about halfway trough doing it in vinyl and decided to stencil instead. My family thinks I've lost my mind to put so much time into a tiny closet. Mine is about the size yours was before.

  32. 3krazychics

    I love it! Especially all the sweet canisters! Hope to someday get my panty looking fab. Been wanting to do the canister thing for awhile. Just need a quick swift kick in the butt!

  33. Coastal.Creations

    I just revamped my pantry this last summer when my husband was on a fire! Great Idea with the old tin tubs and can for the cat food and stuff! I love that! Great post…I have a silhouette and I am excited to start doing vinyl on it. 🙂 I am becoming a follower of you blog. 🙂 Here is my blog if you want to take a look and become a follower. I just had a baby so i haven't been doing much but here it is.

  34. Megan

    this looks too pretty to be a pantry! amazing.


  35. Vivienne

    Holy drywall dust!!! I hear ya loud and clear on the relationship with drywall, but you have to feel that the end result was so worth it, right? Your pantry looks better than most whole kitchens! I love it!

  36. Anonymous

    Thank you for the inspiration! I love the neutral chevron wall! I have been eyeing the dog food tins in the Ballard catalogs but there was no way I was about fork over that much cash! Love it all!!!

  37. Paula Montalvo

    Such Divine inspiration for the tin canisters that we all have gotten over the years, and have no idea what to do with!!! I see these at the thrift stores all the time. You have inspired me to do something similar! Thank you so much for posting this idea. Blessings <3 Paula

  38. Courtney

    Hi! Found you at a Thoughtful Place. Love the chevron stripes and all the containers and canisters! And I'm so inspired that you didn't have to spend hundreds of dollars on them–maybe I will actually re-do my pantry now!! Great post!

  39. Visiting from A Thoughtful Place and this completely knocked my socks off! I'm such a sucker for cheveron stripes, but this wall is to. die. for. You are one talented lady, that is fo' so'! (c:

  40. Christine Edwards

    Just saw this on Tip Junkie…nice job! My pantry can use some oomph, and you've given some great inspiration. The wall art and your containers look fab!

  41. shirley

    Saw this on Tip Junkie. It looks fabulous!! I love the idea of using tins from GW. No more ugly plastic tote for my puppy's chow!

  42. Margot

    I love your pantry!! So jealous!!! Did you create an svg for the vinyl? I would love a copy if it is available. I have an incredibly small pantry, but this would look so cool on the inside of the door. Amazing job!!! Truly!
    [email protected]

  43. bethany

    I absolutely love the pantry and the tins you painted! I wanted to recreate them for my kitchen – but I can't figure out how you got the lettering on the dog food cans – any chance you could fill me in?? Thanks!

  44. Mottie

    Hi what color did u paint the dog tins? Loveeeeeeee the new pantry.

  45. Anonymous

    Thanks, Amy, for the idea!! Greg will be working on doing this to our pantry over the winter!!

    Jeana (behind Adrienne's [former] home)

  46. Gail

    Woman after my own heart – organization and beauty at the same time.
    Already, I buy canister sets at GW and store rice, beans, cereal, etc in them. But I'm going to hunt for large tins for dog food etc and copy your idea (paint and cricut words on the tins)
    Your pantry is pretty and tidy.

  47. Stephanie Saunders

    Okay- quick question! I'm building a house, and for the plans, the only place we can put a pantry is under the stairs. I've been scouring the internet for ideas on a pantry under the stairs, and alas- I stumbled upon yours. Is there any way you would mind taking a picture of it from further away? I'm trying to figure out where your door is compared to the staircase to see if we could do that. I know you have NO idea who I am, and I'm sure you're totally busy, but I LOVE your pantry. My email is stephaniemsaunders {at}gmail{dot}com

    thank you so much!

  48. Jordan Hansen

    This is an amazing makeover! What dollar store did you get the spice containers from?

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