Some deals I found…

Well, since the stores are onto me, and there are NO good deals lately, I found a couple online deals I thought I’d share.  The first one is a membership to Weekly Cinema.  Right now, they have a deal where you can get 4 movie tickets for $19.99!  The catch is that this is a monthly plan.  But you can cancel anytime with no cancellation fee. So if you do not want to continue, you can cancel right away and still use your four tickets. 

 To make it even better, when you sign up, you get one additional free ticket!  Be aware that you do not print your tickets directly from their site.  They give you the codes, and you go to either Fandango or Movie Tickets to purchase your tickets.  Each ticket is good for up to a $10 value, so it usually covers the online ticket fees as well.  I checked this out, and it seems to be legit, not a scam.  Also, you can get your codes each month, and then they are good for longer than a month, so in a sense the tickets don’t expire at the end of the month.  I got my codes today, and they are good until December 19th. 

This is truly a great deal, being as tickets have gotten outrageous lately.  I have also seen other people posting that they have gotten other deals emailed to them for being a member, like a coupon for free popcorn at the theater!

The next deal is today’s Groupon deal.  You can get a Rainbow wash at Carpool for $10.  This is usually $22, so you save $12 or 55%.  You can only buy one, but you can purchase an additional two as gifts.  Groupon deals are only good for one day, so you need to purchase this deal today!
Hope you enjoy these great deals, and have a wonderful day!

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