“Sorry, wrong number.” (The One that Started it All)

I am so excited to share that today my followers list reached 100!  First of all, I want to say thank you to all my readers!  I really enjoy blogging, and knowing there are others interested in projects and crafting like me makes it all worthwhile!  It’s been a couple months shy of a year since I started blogging.  It came about in a weird sort of way, actually.  I was awakened early one morning (4:30am to be precise) by a wrong number caller.  Those of you who know me, know that I am NOT a morning person.  Normally, I would have gone right back to sleep.  But on this particular morning, I was unable to do so.  I went downstairs to make a pot of coffee and decided to flip on the T.V. (because back then I didn’t even have a Blogger account, let alone read any blogs!)  There was, of course, nothing on at this ghastly hour except for infomercials.  I happened to see one for the Cricut Expression. 
Not considering myself particularly crafty at the time, I wouldn’t normally have considered purchasing this pricey machine that until this very moment, I hadn’t even known existed.  But, I was sucked in.  This cool machine could do so much!  My children weren’t babies any more {sniff!}, and since they were both in school, I often found myself subconsciously looking for a creative outlet.  I pondered over it for a few days, researched it on the web, and finally decided to go for it. Little did I know where this would lead.
In learning how to use my new awesome machine, I discovered some videos on Youtube that demonstrated how to use the machine much better than the included CD-Rom and instruction manual.  (I am a visual learner, for sure!)Some of the crafty folks out there who posted videos of their projects in action also offered links to their blogs. As I began exploring the many lovely blogs out there, and learn about all the neat projects people were working on, I started to consider starting my own site.  I am not a very tech-saavy person, but I thought I might just try and figure it out!  I thought I would blog mainly about my couponing and paper crafting.  Since then my interests have changed.  I discovered the world of thrifting and upcycling.  My mother has shopped in thrift stores for years, but if you ever told me I would set foot in one, I’d have thought you were crazy! 

I’ll set the record straight by stating that I am a little hoarding-aphobic.  I can’t STAND clutter!  And the thought of hauling someone else’s old stuff into my home would have at one point made me all but break out into a rash!  I honestly mainly stick with my local Goodwill.  It’s bright and clean, the people are super-nice, and I have found some great stuff there!  I usually don’t go for clothing items, but stick mainly with housewares and furniture.  Although I have found a few select clothing items in my travels, like a gorgeous red velvet holiday dress for my daughter that came from a high-end children’s clothing store for 3 bucks! 

So, a hobby was born.  I am inspired by all the wonderful projects I see out there in Blogland, and grateful I have found a creative outlet and gotten the chance to get to know so many friendly fellow crafters out there!  And I’ve learned all about things I once knew nothing about like HTML code, linky parties, blog buttons, and all sorts of other techy-sorta stuff!

So, I’d like to say thank you to this mystery caller, whoever you are.  I think of you fondly as “The One who Started it All!”

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  1. Erin J.

    Congrats! I am a new addition to your follower list…but your blog has already been very inspiring to me! I am glad that you caught the blog and craft bug…its such a fun hobby!

  2. Blueberry Heart

    lovely post, finding blogging/crafts was obviously meant to be! I sort of 'fell into' blogworld too, I was surfing for instructions (on what, I cant remember any more!) but all that were coming up were blogs, so eventually had a peek, and was hooked! I love the fact that this little internet thingy can provide inspiration and information from people across the globe in a nanosecond, great stuff! Happy blogging and crafting!
    BH x

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